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Semico is consulting partner in several projects.
The projects indicated below are either achieved or ongoing.

» Achieved projects

The governmental Tianjin Public Health Bureau signed LOI
The Tianjin Association of Medical Exchanges with Foreign countries and Semico have agreed upon concrete plans for future cooperation.
Specific actions are planned in the area of:
  • Medical and Expert training
  • Translational Research Center
  • Healthy Ageing Project

» Ongoing projects

IQ Projects: Semico consults in two phases
Antibody Diagnostic and Drug engineering Market is booming in China, especially during the last two years. The market has grown by more than 400% since 2009. The last market annual size (sales) estimated by China National Statistic Bureau is about 10 billion Chinese Yuan (1.6 billion US dollar, 2010). The newest national 12-5 year plan (2011-2015) of Chinese central government announced the newest national strategic industries in the coming decades in China, and foreign investment in Hi-tech industry (including biomedical industry) is one of the leading ones among other seven would attract much political attention and policy support.
This consultancy project is split into two complementing phases:
Phase I: General in depth Analysis of World and China’s antibody market
Phase II: Analysis of IQP Position and Opportunity

Jinshan Science & Technology CO., Ltd. And Semico (UMCG) set up strategic cooperation projects
Both parties successfully established a joint-organization for project introduction. First products are already used in the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and have generate large savings for the hospital. All areas of cooperation are indicated below:

  • Jinshan Sillicon Vally and Netherland Bio-Medical Park Cooperation Project
  • JS-Semico Scholdership PHD Program
  • Projects of Production Cooperation

» Additional ongoing projects

Mindray Access to the European market (currently successfully implemented in the UMCG through Semico)
Sinomed Successful introduced to the Dutch Cardiologist and is pending for CE
Huawai EU market (ongoing)
Creative Medical Chinese med-apparatus company successfully sold OEM to Dutch hospitals


Project partners


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