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In November 2013, Chairman Semico was honored by Tianjin government with the first ambassador in Tianjin who is able to recruit talented people and attract overseas resource for Tianjin. The photo records the award moment of the chairman in Tianjin. The people in this photo are (from left to right): prof. Ate van der Zee, oncologist and the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology UMCG, board member of UMCG; Dr. Ning Qu, chairman of SEMICO Foundation; Vice Mayor of Tianjin; Director of Tianjin Personnel Bureau; Director of Tianjin Public Health Bureau and Director of Tianjin Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau.


In November 2013, the Sino-European Medical Innovation and Co-operation Seminar Healthy Ageing 2013 was successfully held in Tianjin. Relevant professors, scholars and leaders from Groningen Healthcare/UMCG (Semico and Healthy Ageing & Public Health), Groningen Government (city mayor of Groningen), Oldenburg government (city mayor of Oldenburg) and Tianjin government attended this seminar. A few sessions related to Mental Health, Healthy Ageing, Chronic Illness, Gynecological Oncology, Epidemiology, Oral Health and sandwich PhD program were discussed.


Chairman Semico (left 5) and prof. Ate van der Zee (right 5, oncologist and the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology UMCG) visited Tianjin Women Central Hospital affiliated to Tianjin Medical University in November, 2013 and had a discussion on join-research possibilities in the area of women health, especially in Oncology, HPV, Chemo resistang/biobank and scientific training fields.


Chairman Semico attended together with Dutch Health Minister at Sino-Dutch Healthcare Seminar that was held in China in September, 2013. During the seminar, the topics concerning to Hospital management & design, E-health, Rehabilitation & Life Sciences and Health Technology in China and the Netherlands were discussed. This photo shows all the people who attended this seminar from both Chinese and Dutch sides.



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