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Past Events

Date: March 13th-19th, 2014

Tianjin Mental Health delegation visited UMCG in March


The chairman of the Board of Mental Center Tianjin, Happy Fish Co., Ltd and professors of research projects formed an official Tianjin Mental Health delegation and visited UMCG from March 13th to 19th, 2014.


Date: October 31st - November 5th, 2013
Location:Tianjin, China

Groningen delegation visited Tianjin in November


Groningen Healthcare/UMCG (SEMICO and Healthy Ageing & Public Health), Groningen Government (city mayor of Groningen) and city mayor of Oldenburg formed an official delegation to visit Tianjin Public Health Bureau from October 31st to November 5th, 2013 with the aim of tightening up the relationship with Tianjin and exploring co-operation possibilities. This visit was organized and coordinated by SEMICO/HA-UMCG, Groningen Government, Tianjin Public Health Bureau and Tianjin Government Foreign Affairs Office together.

During the visit, UMCG and Tianjin Public Health Bureau signed two Letters of Intent, both agreed to cooperate in sandwich PhD program and research projects. Chairman SEMICO was invited by Tianjin Women Central Hospital affiliated to Tianjin Medical University to have a discussion on join-research possibilities in the area of women health, especially in Oncology, HPV, Chemo resistang/biobank and scientific training fields.

Additionally, the Sino-European Medical Innovation and Co-operation Seminar Healthy Ageing 2013 was successfully held in Tianjin. A few sessions related to Mental Health, Healthy Ageing, Chronic Illness, Gynecological Oncology, Epidemiology, Oral Health and sandwich PhD program were discussed. For instance, the Mental Health discussion was attended by Tianjin Mental Health Hospital and Groningen delegation, both sides introduced eMental Health in Tianjin and the Netherlands. The professors, PIs, postgraduates and orthodontists from the dental school and hospital, Tianjin Medical University and Kolff Institute UMCG discussed orthodontic biofilms and oral biomedical engineering, clinical specialist training, research training at the Kolff Institute and sandwich PhD program during the Health Mouth Health Ageing session.


Date: October 12-19, 2013

Chairmen Semico to China in October

Chairman and vice chairman Semico visited Tianjin and Shenzhen, China together from October 12th to 19th. On October 14th, the two chairmen gave lectures in Tianjin regarding to the fields of healthcare, international procurement and logistics. Moreover, the e-Health discussion by the two chairmen was held in Shenzhen on October 19th.


Date: September 7-14, 2013
Location: Beijing/Shanghai/Chengdu

Dutch Health Care delegation to China in September

Chairman Semico attended together with Dutch Health Minister in an official delegation to Beijing/Shanghai/Chengdu, China from September 7th to 14th. During this period, Sino-Dutch Healthcare seminar was implemented among Dutch Health Care delegation, Chinese National Health and Family Planning Commission, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Health Department of Sichuan Province in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu respectively. The focus of the seminar was to discuss the topics of Hospital management & design, E-health, Rehabilitation and Life Sciences and Health Technology (e.g. cardiovascular research) in China and the Netherlands. In addition, the information regarding to experiences and key tasks of health reform in China and the Netherlands was exchanged during the Sino-Dutch Healthcare seminar.


Date: 19-07-2013
Location: UMCG, Groningen

Semico hosting the Tianjin delegation in Groningen

Tianjin is the third biggest and one of the four most important cities in China. The population in this region is about 13 millions and among of which 8 millions reside within the city boarder. The health care system of Tianjin has been the only designated base of China’s Health Care Reform started five years back and is an experimental model for provinces in the rest of China. The Tianjin Public Health Bureau (TJPHB) in this city is responsible for most of the reforms, besides its normal function as local authority to manage, plan, and budgeting for about 150 hospitals.

To pick up, where they have left off, Semico UMCG and the Tianjin Public Health Bureau (TIJPHB) are coming together once again on the 19th of June to explore further possibilities to strengthen a long-term relationship with one of the top knowledge institutes in Europe, namely the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). The purpose of the visit is to discuss specific topics such as the training and exchange of specialized personnel, opportunities for the UMCG Healthy Ageing program include, amongst others, the LifeLines project, a joint-research center as well as different areas in regard of human health. Members of the delegation ranging from the director of the TIJPHB on the Chinese side to the chairman of Semico including several governmental representatives on the Dutch side. The program is planned for two days and consists of introductory speeches, topic specific presentations and a tour around the premises of the UMCG. The meeting will be closed with a signing ceremony for further steps of the cooperation and a reception as well as dinner with the Major of Groningen, the director of the UMCG and scientists.



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