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Ning Qu - Chief Executive Officer

Towards mutual benefits

Dr. Ning Qu (cardiothoracic surgeon and professor in transplant immunology) has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SEMICO initiative since April 2011. Since the begin of 2013 SEMICO joint the Healhty Ageing Campus in Groningen as an European-wide platform, focusing on cooperation between China and Europe in Ageing, Nutrition&Lifestyle change, mental health and translational medicine related projects.

Under his leadership SEMICO has set out an ambitious vision to become one of the most efficient exchange platforms bridging Europe and China in coming years. Cooperation at different levels are being setup now, especially between regional governments and institutions. At this moment, projects in translational medicine, in area of medical innovations, specialist training programs benefiting both China as well as Europe are being established. Aiming the future, yet practically operated, with professional teams from both side, the interest of European and Chinese innovation providers and investors are surely guaranteed.

Advisory board of SEMICO is a committee with double function: A, to safeguard the directing board of strategic vision and advise in its decision making process.
B, to guide the directing board to form the most professional and efficient team in specific projects. The advisory board is honorably teamed up by leading scientists, presidents of intuitions and directors of business organizations.

Chinese and European relationship on the upswing

The relationship between China and Europe has never been so close as it is today, especially after China’s fast development during the recent 30 years. It is not a speculation or prediction that China is becoming a world leading power both economically and politically. The attention and investment of China in building a healthy relationship with Europe have been increasing extensively over the course of the past two decades. While Europe functions as an export market and modern technology provider for China, the domestic market is also creating great potential in regard to new opportunity for European innovations. But, how to benefit from this emerging relationship and how to optimally position ourselves in this booming economy remains a challenge. Not to forget, the often disregarded and underestimated aspect of cultural differences as a barrier to communication.



Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands

SEMICO is part of the Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands. An inspiring ecosystem of facilities, companies, research and talent on and around the premises of the University Medical Center Groningen.

The Campus combines healthcare, research and entrepreneurship with a focus on Food & Health, Medical Technology, Pharma and eHealth. This leads to spin-off companies, shared facilities and new knowledge regarding the ageing process. And it offers ways to enable individuals to reach their full health potential.

Campus website


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